Currently all year 2 & 3 students have the opportunity to bring their own Apple iPad to class everyday.  In 2017 the 1:1 iPad program will continue for the year 3 students but the  year 2 students will not be required to bring a device to school.

The device required for our 1:1 iPad program is any size Apple iPad.  Either a iPad or  iPad mini is suitable.

We are happy for you to use an existing Apple iPad if you are not in a position to purchase a new device for your child.  We do ask that it is at least an iPad (3rd Generation) or newer and that you are very aware of what is on the device (including web history and images).

If it is a family shared device your child will require a ‘school folder’ with the required applications, access to the camera, photos and internet so you must ensure any ‘inappropriate material’ is not on this device.

All required documentation must be complete (given to you at the beginning of 2106), the iPad must have a protective cover and insurance proven prior to the iPad being brought to class.

**Classes not in the year 2 & 3 1:1 iPad Program cannot bring a tablet to school without prior organisation with Dr. Roberts and all necessary forms and procedures fully completed.

What iPad?

Any iPad (3rd Generation or newer) or any iPad mini.
Wi-Fi only – Cellular is not required.

Compare current iPad models available on the apple store:  http://www.apple.com/au/ipad/compare/

An overview of all iPad & iPad mini versions:
A basic overview of the iPad, release date and approx. retail price.

How to identify what iPad you currently have:  https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201471

Purchasing an iPad

Your iPad can be purchased anywhere – find your best deal!  You are not required to purchase an iPad through a particular supplier (as for the school laptop purchases).


 ICT Agreements for year 2 & 3 students:


iPad Consent Form


iPad Daily Use Agreement


K-3 Acceptable Use Agreement


Memorandum of Understanding


Online Email Consent


Publish Work Consent

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